Risk Assessment

The probability of a risk is not the only metric in determining what  risks to mitigate. The cost and time associated with the risk, and the  overall impact to the organization are some of the factors that must be  considered as well.

Think about the following four types of vulnerabilities:

  • Behavioral and attitudinal vulnerabilities
  • Misinterpretations
  • Coding problems
  • Physical vulnerabilities

Consider the IS of a large hospital and provide a  specific example of each of the four types of vulnerabilities. Estimate  the likelihood and cost of each risk (as low, medium, or high) and  explain your reasoning. If an organization were to try to focus on the  vulnerability that would be the least expensive to address while  providing the most reward, which would it be? Why?

Outcome for effective transformation 5 DQ 2

 The assigned article “Large-System Transformation in Health Care: A Realist Review” identifies several outcomes for effective transformation. Discuss one of those measures and the implications for change in your practice. 1 page

Best, A., Greenhalgh, T., Lewis, S., Saul, J. E., Carroll, S., & Bitz, J. (2012). Large-system transformation in health care: A realist review. Milbank Quarterly, 90(3), 421-456. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0009.2012.00670.x


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ANSI EDI File Format

All electronic data interchange (EDI) files use a  defined American National Standards Institute (ANSI) file structure.  Each text file contains at least three defined, nested components: one  Interchange Control Statement (ISA defined by a header segment and a  trailer segment), one Functional Group (FG defined by a header segment  and a trailer segment), and one or more Transaction Sets within the  Functional Group (each TS defined by a header segment and a trailer  segment).

In this Application, you will analyze a sample file  similar to the example provided within the Optional Resources readings  for this Week.

To prepare for this Application, search the Internet for sample files similar to the one at Sample 837 File

By Day 4

For this Application, assume that your unit has been  using the ANSI EDI standard, but you have decided to employ a new  solution that works with most standards except ANSI EDI. Your task is to  find a means to provide the same elements and metadata that the ANSI  EDI standard provides.

  • Choose a sample file that uses ANSI EDI structure and copy it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or similar program.
  • In a Microsoft Word document, define each data element within a row or column that corresponds with the values.
  • Identify a new standard you will use, other than the  ANSI EDI standard. Open another worksheet labeled with this standard.  Within the new worksheet, identify the new data elements for the  standard you chose.
  • Populate the required fields with data concerning a fictitious patient.
  • Describe in 1-2 pages, written in APA style, what  file format you would choose and why. Detail how you would change the  file format.

AHRQ quality measures 5 DQ 1

 Review one of the tutorials on quality measures from the AHRQ: National Quality Measures Clearinghouse website. Provide an overview of what you reviewed and its application in your practice. 1 page